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Panélistes confirmé.es:
Jacq Brasseur
Mackenzy Vida
Romain Chareyon
Marjorie Beaucage

Table ronde: Fransaskoisie et identités queer et trans

Modérée par Raphaële Frigon, de Radio-Canada

Qu’est-ce que cela signifie d’être à la fois Fransaskois et queer ? Comment exprimons-nous notre identité en tant que personnes queer ou trans dans les espaces Fransaskois ou francophones de la Saskatchewan ? Quelles sont les questions queer qui touchent différemment les personnes fransaskoises ? Quelles questions fransaskoises touchent différemment les personnes queer ?

Joignez-vous à un panel de quatre personnes 2ELGBTQ+ qui discuteront de leurs propres expériences en tant que personnes Fransaskoises ou francophones en Saskatchewan.

18 novembre 2021 • 18h à 20h (HNC)

A Queer Conversation in Christian Faith

A queer Catholic + a queer Protestant + a Catholic Deacon + a Protestant Minister = a very interesting conversation
Two queer friends with relationships to their faith invite you to bear witness to a conversation with two allied faith leaders about Catholic & Protestant faith and queerness.

Jacq and Julian are two queer friends living in Regina, SK.

Minister Cam Fraser and Deacon Joe Lang are two faith leaders in Regina, SK who value LGBTQ+ people in their communities.

December 6th 2021 • 7pm – 9pm (SK Time)

Previous Webinars & Learning Opportunities

Check out these previous webinars and learning opportunities we were excited to host and collaborate on.

More Than Just Bathrooms: A Non-Binary Day Panel (July 2021)

In July 2021, we offered this panel including 5 different non-binary people across Canada.

Panelists: Gabe Calderón, Vincent Mousseau, Jaye Kovach, Vero Drake & Jacq Brasseur

As the realities of trans people and communities are being discussed within mainstream spaces, we continue to see a lack of critical, engaging and reflective discourse about the experiences of non-binary people. When non-binary discourse does take place, it’s usually around gender neutral pronouns and bathrooms. In reality, non-binary experiences and the needs of non-binary people are extremely vast and complex, and we are so much more than just people who want gender neutral bathrooms.

We encourage folks to celebrate International Non-Binary People’s Day by attending the panel, hearing stories from actual non-binary people, and learning about how you can better work and live in solidarity with non-binary people.

Out of the Covers Webinar Series (June 2021)

In June 2021, we offered this series with Aroha Pride Counselling & Consulting.

Out from the Covers and Into the Clinic is a webinar series for health and social work professionals about supporting people who engage in non-normative sexual practices. Through all three sessions, professionals will learn to challenge their preconceptions about sexuality and often misunderstood sexual practices.

In partnership with Aroha Pride Counselling & Consulting, we are excited to offer a three-part series that will hopefully spark reflections for social work and healthcare practitioners in Saskatchewan and elsewhere. While these practices may seem scandalous, inappropriate, controversial or even harmful, we know from our combined experience of working with all kinds of people across Southern Saskatchewan, that everyone has the right to access affirming, supportive, non-judgmental, and anti-oppressive care. We also know that people who engage in these practices are important, valuable and thoughtful members of our community who deserve respect and affirmation from their healthcare and social work providers.

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Fransaskqueer Project with La Cité

Fransaskqueer Project with La Cité

We are so excited to be working on a collaborative project with La Cité about fransaskois queer and trans identity & experiences in Saskatchewan. This project will see three components that we hope will engage both fransaskois queer folks and fransaskois allies to...