Only 1 out of 14 Saskatchewan MPs voted to support a ban on conversion therapy in Canada

Saskatchewan has 14 MPs elected to represent us at the Federal level. All 14 MPs are members of the Conservative Party of Canada.

During the most recent vote on Bill C-6, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Conversion Therapy), MP for Regina-Wascana Michael Kram was the only Saskatchewan MP to vote yes in support of a ban of this abhorrent practice.

What can you do?

  1. Educate yourself about how your MP voted.
  2. Phone your MPs office and express your feelings about how they voted.
  3. Support federal candidates who actively and tangibly support 2SLGBTQ+ people.

Phone Scripts

By calling your MP’s constituency office and leaving a message with a staff member, you’re sending a message to your MP that their constituents are paying attention to what they’re doing.

It makes the biggest difference if a large number of people call, so make sure to tell your friends and loved ones to call too.

Tips when calling:

  • Tell them your name – While this may feel scary, if you don’t, it’s easier for them to claim that you were just a random troll.
  • Tell them your address – Again, this may seem scary, but if you don’t tell them your address, they can claim that you weren’t actually a constituent, and they’re less likely to bring that forward to the MP.
  • Don’t argue – Some MP staff may try to argue with you and get you to “understand” why the MP voted a certain way. Refuse to argue, and instead just reiterate your points and say that you expect your message to be shared with your MP.

My MP is Michael Kram


My name is […] and I’m a constituent of Mr. Kram living at […].

I’m calling today to express my excitement and support for MP Kram who voted in support of Bill C6 on the 22nd. Ensuring that no person, especially youth, undergoes conversion therapy, a practice that has been completely debunked by social work and health professionals in our country, is an important step forward in supporting LGBTQ+ people. Please express my thanks to Mr. Kram for supporting this bill.

My MP is not Michael Kram


My name is […] and I’m a constituent of [MP Name] living at […].

I’m calling today to express my disappointment and anger that [MP Name] did not vote in support of Bill C6. Does [MP Name] know that the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers recently joined with hundreds of other organizations across the country in condemning this practice? It is absolutely terrible that [MP Name] chose not to listen to the vast majority of health practitioners, 2SLGBTQ+ health experts, and Saskatchewan 2SLGBTQ+ people who have spoken out about the harms of conversion therapy. 

I am angry, and will not be supporting [MP Name] in the next federal election unless they make changes in how they are supporting 2SLGBTQ+ people in our province.

Learn More about Bill C-6

Bill C-6 is the piece of legislation currently on its way to the Senate that will ban all conversion therapy for minors and will ban non-consensual conversion therapy for adults in Canada.

To learn more about Bill C-6, check out these links:

    MPs who voted in support

    Mr. Michael Kram
    Constituency Office: 306-585-2202

    MPs who voted against

    Mrs. Kelly Block
    Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek
    Constituency Office: 306-975-4004

    Mrs. Rosemarie Falk
    Constituency Office: 306-825-5005

    Mr. Randy Hoback
    Prince Albert 
    Constituency Office: 306-953-8622

    Mr. Robert Kitchen
    Souris-Moose Mountain 
    Constituency Office: 306-634-3000

    Mr. Tom Lukiwski
    Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan 
    Constituency Office: 306-691-3577

    Mr. Jeremy Patzer
    Cypress Hills-Grasslands 
    Constituency Office: 306-778-4480

    Mr. Brad Redekopp
    Saskatoon West 
    Constituency Office: 306-975-6555

    Mr. Andrew Scheer
    Constituency Office: 306-790-4727

    Mr. Warren Steinley
    Constituency Office: 306-790-4747

    Mr. Corey Tochor
    Constituency Office: 306-975-6133

    Mr. Gary Vidal
    Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River 
    Constituency Office: 844-365-9664

    Mrs. Cathay Wagantall
    Constituency Office: 306-782-3309

    Mr. Kevin Waugh
    Constituency Office: 306-975-6472