Shaping 2SLGBTQ+ Knowledge in the Northwest Territories

The Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife is currently working on redeveloping their educational materials used to teach about 2SLGBTQIA+ communities across the Northwest Territories.

To support them in this work, they’ve hired Jacq Brasseur to develop this curriculum with consultation from people in the North. 

Discussion groups & interviews took place back in June and July, and now we’re hosting surveys throughout the month of August for folks to share their feedback that way. 

Hosted by Jacq Brasseur, BSW, MEd
for the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife

Surveys open until August 30th 2021

Complete a survey for the chance to receive a small honorarium

Participant Surveys

Gay Communities Survey

Lesbian Communities Survey

Bi, Pan & Polysexual Survey

Ace & Aro Survey

Trans Survey

Non-binary Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, feel free to check out our FAQs, or you can reach out to us at

Can I complete more than one survey?

Of course! We want folks to participate in any survey that is relevant to their experiences and identities. Just keep in mind that the questions might seem really similar across surveys.

How much will I be paid for my participation?

We’ll be providing folks who attended discussion groups and participated in interviews honorariums.

For those who complete surveys, we’ll be entering everybody into a draw to win one of many small honorariums.

There are some parts of this survey that are incorrect.

There are some definitions and content in each survey that might seem incorrect or misinformed. This is because we recognize that different people understand terms in different ways, and we want to capture a good idea of how people in the North connect with different understandings. 

You might disagree strongly with one definition or term in a survey, and we encourage you to express that so we can include it when we’re developing material. If you see something in a survey, it’s because we’ve identified it as a phrase or definition that some people might use.