Nova Latham

Nova Latham (she/her) – Administrative Coordinator, Tech Consultant, Web Designer

While this list of services doesn’t capture every single thing I do (and doesn’t even touch on what Jacq does) I’d like to invite you to have a look and see if there’s anything you need, or have a look at the Services that Jacq Brasseur Consulting offers.

If you’re wondering about other types of support I may be able to offer or services I may be able to provide based on my skill set I’d love to hear from you and can be reached at

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Web Design

While we are, by no means, a web design company, I am a Web Designer, and we know that non-profits don’t always have the funds to invest in a third-party to develop their website. We’re excited to support non-profits in building affordable, easy-to-maintain websites on user-friendly platforms and walking you through how to manage it moving forward.

  • Developing a website using WordPress, Wix or Squarespace
  • Setting up website security, including SSL certificates
  • SEO optimization

Technology & Digital Solutions

Ever since COVID-19 began impacting the world, the ability to utilize technology has become paramount to successfully navigate almost every sector. We can help identify helpful tools to address any gaps within your organization.

  • Identifying technology solutions
  • Training with different technology platforms including Zoom and Teams
  • Developing digital tool manuals/instruction guides for internal use
  • Streamlining existing tech processes

Live Technical Support

I’ve been providing setup, testing, and live technical support for meetings, press conferences, panels, distance education classes and various events since 2009. Doing a thorough test run before a large event to iron out any wrinkles beforehand is essential to ensuring things run smoothly. Troubleshooting technical issues in the middle of a meeting can be stressful, especially if only a small number of people are having an issue while you’re trying to focus on presenting.

  • Test runs to identify and solve potential issues that may arise
  • Live support for both yourself and your guests to ensure everyone can benefit from/contribute to your event or meeting
  • Concise easy to read documentation for guests prior to the meeting.

Current and Past Projects

Current Projects

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