Team & Consultants

Jacq Brasseur (they/them) – Principal Consultant

An experienced non-profit leader and organizer, Jacq is the principal consultant at Jacq Brasseur Consulting.

Jacq is a consultant and community organizer with a passion for building more inclusive workplaces, community spaces, and societies that prioritize marginalized voices and perspectives.

With over a decade of experience in non-profit governance and leadership in diverse environments, Jacq is interested in supporting projects that aim to challenge the ways that things have always been done.

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Photo of Nova Latham

Nova Latham (she/her) – Administrative Coordinator & Tech Consultant

Our in-house tech wiz, Nova supports the team by providing administrative and technical support.

Nova is an administrative coordinator, tech consultant, and website designer with a passion for making technology more accessible to individuals without an IT background.

Whether it’s live technical support for large meetings, website design, easy to understand documentation and training for new tools (or old tools not being used to their full potential) Nova is dedicated to ensuring the behind the scenes technical issues are minimized or eliminated so that projects can focus on what’s really important: the people.

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